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If you are a driver, then car insurance is essential for you, for you to drive safely on the roads and not endanger yourself or those around you. Many people opt against investing in car insurance, as it is simply too expensive, but with Prime Meridian Direct's (PMD) affordable rates, The PRIME MOTORTHRIFT Plan is so cheap that everyone can manage to pay for it.

There's no excuse - accidents, theft and hijackings happen all the time and if something happens to your car, or if you damage another person's vehicle, then you need to be insured, as the exorbitant costs involved in replacing your vehicle could have immense implications for you financially if you risk being uninsured. With almost 500,000 accidents and 140,000 thefts and hijackings happening on the roads each year, the odds are simply not in your favour. Having the ‘it won't ever happen to me' mindset is extremely dangerous - if you own a vehicle you are in no way exempt and are just as likely to be involved in an accident as every other driver.

Whether you are a young driver who has just got your license, or even if you've been driving for many years, you need car insurance for peace of mind. Here is an example of why being covered is paramount. Thembi has recently qualified and is still quite uncertain on the roads. She owns a second-hand vehicle and lives in a flat in Cape Town, which does not have secure parking and so she parks on the street.

She was worried that her living situation and lack of secure parking would negatively impact her premium rates and so when she came across PMD’s website and browsed the FAQs about car insurance she was amazed by the fact that PMD doesn't discriminate regarding your gender, living location, whether you have walls, a fence or a garage, your occupation and income levels, your vehicle's propensity for theft or hijacking and whether your car is fitted with tracker or not. This was very different from the other insurance companies Thembi had looked at and she felt extremely relieved.

She then followed the easy two-step process to identify the perfect PRIME MOTORTHRIFT Plan to suit her budget. Thembi needs to pay as little as R468 per month. Thembi was excited and immediately phoned PMD’s helpful and professional staff to chat about the PRIME MOTORTHRIFT insurance Plan and to receive a direct quote. She was relieved to find out that if her car is lost due to theft, hijacking, natural fire or natural disaster she is covered, as well as if the car is completely written off as a result of an accident. Thembi decided to sign up, and immediately paid the activation premium.

A few months later, a pedestrian ran into the road, just as Thembi was approaching and she was forced to swerve off the road, into a tree. Luckily she wasn't badly injured, apart from whiplash and was able to get out of the vehicle with some help. She called PMD and shortly afterwards a professional team arrived to assist her. Unfortunately, her car was totally written off, however, because she had car insurance from PMD she was able to receive the benefit she had selected.

Thembi was extremely relieved that she chose to be insured with Prime Meridian Direct. Choosing insurance is a decision that you will not regret and is the responsible choice for any driver. Being uninsured endangers not only you, but other drivers and passengers as well. The PRIME MOTORTHRIFT Plan is a cheap, affordable insurance option, which is tailor-made to suit your needs and your budget.

Get an online quote now by simply visiting or call our professional and friendly agents on 011 745 7800 and discover peace of mind with our innovative car insurance plans.



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