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  • Covers hospitalisation from both accident.
  • Pays up to R4,000* for each day spent in hospital.
  • Cover starts from as little as R3* per day.
  • There are NO medical examinations.
  • Most pre-existing conditions* are covered.
  • Permanent disability benefits up to R50,000.
  • 25% more cover when treated in ICU.
  • Maternity complication benefits.
  • Family Plans cover your spouse and up to three children (up to 18 years old).
  • HIV/AIDS covered after 24 months where contracted after inception of the policy.
  • Seniors plan available for applicants up to 75 years of age.


  • Your premium will NEVER increase!


  • Retrenchment Protection: pays your policy premium for up to six months in the event of retrenchment.
  • Upgrade to a family plan to include your spouse and up to three children under 18 years of age.
*Terms & Conditions apply. A full explanation of each optional benefit can be found in our downloadable product pack.
This is not a medical aid.

The Benefits of Having a HOSPITAL Plan

Cheap Hospital Cover

While many South Africans are reaping the benefits of having a hospital plan, there are thousands of others have to cope with hefty medical bills and being able to work for their weekly income. This isn't because these people don't want insurance or hospital cover, but rather most local insurance providers are simply too expensive for the majority of South Africans to handle.

Prime Meridian recognised that something was missing in which middle and low income South Africans could afford. For as little as R3 a day, South Africans can now purchase the Prime Hospital Plan: hospital cover that will pay out up to R4000 a day should they be hospitalised.

There are endless benefits for having a hospital plan, each one making the plan more and more attractive. Here are some of the benefits of having a hospital plan which have changed thousands of lives in South Africa:

Hospital Plans are different to medical aids. While you are hospitalised, the hospital cover will pay you a set amount each day, making sure that your hospital stay is cover and that your household doesn't forfeit from your inability to work during the period. Staying overnight in a hospital bed while either recovering from an accident or preparing for an operation can be an incredibly expensive situation. Not only will you have to cover the cost of staying in the hospital but you'll have to cover the expenses of the surgeon, the specialists, the anaesthetists, and the required medication. With a R4000 a day pay out, these expenses won't affect your financial situation in the slightest. Family plans are also available on the Prime Hospital Plan for just a small amount extra every month. Include your spouse and children on this plan and ensure that your entire household is covered. By planning a head with a hospital plan, you can make sure that your family situation is financially maintained while you're unable to attend work while being hospitalised. This is a huge benefit as your financial responsibilities can be looked after even while you're unable to attend them. Prime Meridian's Prime Hospital Plan includes maternity benefits as well as options for hospital plans for seniors. And while there are many benefits for being covered by a hospital plan, individuals won't be able to easily find anything to complain about. Paying just R3 a day, this plan is an incredibly offer and opportunity.

Smartly preparing for the future has never failed anyone, especially when it comes to looking after one's health. If you would like to learn more about the Prime Hospital Plan or would like to talk to somebody more about obtaining hospital cover, please visit the Prime Meridian website, or contact one of their many helpful and knowledgeable agents.